Cornerstone Story

It has been a long haul, but finally, The Cornerstone has been installed in Tanner Street Park! The Cornerstone is the second of two community sculptures which have been created from stone carving workshops led by local stonemason-artist Austin Emery from 2012 onwards. The first community sculpture, The Shared, was installed on Tyers Estate (Carmarthen Place) in 2014. Each sculpture has been created using carvings by over 100 volunteers who happily chiseled away at free workshops in our parks and estates. The Shared and The Cornerstone are both a great symbol of our communities working together. The projects were supported by volunteers and donors who gave money, material and services, and without that support, they could not have happened. The crowdfunding campaign for The Cornerstone raised an amazing £85,000, including £50,000 from the Mayor of London. Southwark Council and many community groups and individuals have also helped to get the project past the finishing line. We hope

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