Recently arrived in Tanner Street Park, next to Bermondsey Street, is Cornerstone, a community sculpture. It is assembled from over 100 stone carvings created by public participants at free and open sculpture workshops held within nearby Whites Grounds Estate.

The community sculpture project was conceived by local stonemason-artist Austin Emery in answer to the need for more resident-led engagement initiatives. He and the workshop participants used the immersive enjoyable process of stone carving to bring people from all walks of life together to create something long-lasting for the neighbourhood, while enhancing social cohesion within the ever-changing community of Bermondsey Street.

Cornerstone’s older sister, The Shared, stands in Tyers Estate, a little further north, and accessed through an archway off Bermondsey Street. Carved by residents of the estate and other community members over four weekends, The Shared also includes approximately 100 pieces. It was unveiled in 2014 as part of the Bermondsey Street Festival. …Read more

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